Attach Photos to Map Features

Each map feature (point, line, or polygon) in MapHubs can have a photo attachment. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to attach a photo to a feature.

Before You Start

To attach a photo to a feature you must first

  • Login or Sign Up

  • Be a member of a group

  • Have at least one layer in your group that you want to attach photos to

Step 1 - Go to a Feature Page

A feature page is page on MapHubs just for a single map feature. You can access this page in two ways:

Option 1

Go to the layer page, then select the Data tab. Click the checkbox next to the feature you want to attach a photo to. Then click the "View Selected Feature" button above the data table.

Option 2

From any map containing the layer, click on the feature that you want to attach a photo to. Click the info ( i ) button at the bottom of the popup for the feature.

Step 2 - Upload a Photo

Once you are at the feature page, click the Photo tab.

  • If the feature already has a photo, it will be displayed here along with buttons to replace it or remove it.

  • If the feature does not have a photo, there will be a button to add a photo.

Click the button to add (or replace) the photo, the photo selection tool will appear.

Choose the file (.jpeg or .png image file), then choose the photo crop/size. Photos have a fixed size/ratio so they will display consistently on the map.

When you are ready, save the photo. The page will reload and you will see your photo when you click on the feature, or from the Photo tab on the feature page.

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