Troubleshooting Common Issues

Maps are not loading or are not displaying at all

1) Check your web browser

This is usually caused by not having a recent web browsers with the latest updates. MapHubs is designed to work with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox (Mac, PC, iOS, Android), and Safari (Mac and iOS). It should also work with the new Microsoft Edge browser, and the Opera browser. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Update to the latest version

We recommend checking that your browser is automatically updating to the latest version, this is usually found in the Help menu, under About. Keeping your browser up-to-date is also extremely important to protect against malware and viruses, so it is worth double-checking.

Here are more detailed instructions:

Check that WebGL is enabled

Go to You should see a spinning cube, if not, follow the steps about to update your browser, and/or follow the support site link provided by

MapHubs uses WebGL, video-game style graphics rendering that runs directly in the browser. This allows us to provide dynamic mapping tools without all the network bandwidth and expensive cloud infrastructure needed by previous generation web mapping technology.

If WebGL is the issue, and your browsers are up-to-date, it may also help to check for OS and video card driver updates.

Additional diagnostic information can be found by going to

If you are still having issues please contact us at

2) Check your network configuration (less common)

Less common are network issues that block MapHubs map data.

Try a different network

We have seen a rare issue with public connections or VPN connections blocking the map traffic.

  • Try a different WiFi access point

  • If your are using a VPN service try disabling it

  • If you are on a public connection (coffee shop or hotel), try using a VPN

The technical details

MapHubs uses a new map data format called Mapbox Vector tiles. These files have a .pbf file extension and are in a format called a Protocol Buffer.

Internet firewalls can be configured to block all unknown traffic, and in that case may block MapHubs data.

If you do confirm that a corporate firewall is the cause, we are happy to provide the firewall's administrator with additional technical details.

Unable to login to my account

Password Reset

First try resetting the password, you can click the forgot password link at the bottom of the login form, or go to the forgot password page on any public MapHubs site like

Facebook/Google Login

If you previously used Facebook or Google to login, you will need to do so again, or register a new account using an email address. If you previously created an account with an email and password, you cannot access the same account using your Facebook/Google account as we do not yet support linking your Facebook/Google account to an existing email account.

Other Issues

Still having issues, contact us at

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