Layer Metadata


MapHubs requires all layers to have:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Source

  • License

In additional to those each layer has a freeform Notes page for adding more detailed information.

Viewing Layer Metadata

Go to the page for the layer by clicking on the card for the layer (in Explore, Search, or Layers pages) or by clicking on the layer link in a map legend.

Use the Info and Notes tabs to view information about the layers.

Editing Layer Metadata

This assumes you have already created a layer, for help creating a layer see Uploading Data into MapHubs

Layer Management

The layer name, description, source, and license are changed in the layer management page.

From the layer page, choose "Manage Layer" from the menu.


On the info/settings tab you can change the layer name and layer description.

Layer Name

The layer name should be a short descriptive title. It is limited to 100 characters. It is often useful to include the name of the area, if the dataset isn't global, and the date of collection if the data is only updated periodically.

Layer Description

The layer description can be any additional text that explains the contents of the data, source, methodology, etc. URL links included in the description texted will be automatically linked on the layer page. Just be sure to include the http://at the beginning of the link. Layer descriptions are limited to 1,000 characters.


On the source/license tab you can change the layer source and layer license.

Layer Source

The layer source should be a abbreviated attribution of the data source. This is often the name of the organization or individuals that created or collected the data, the name of the satellite product, or the academic citation.

If the source is long and needs further clarification, we recommend adding more information to the layer description or layer notes.

Layer License

The layer license allows you to choose from a list of public-domain or open data licenses. If the license is unknown or unlisted, leave it set to "No License Provided".

We strongly encourage researching and setting the license for MapHubs layers. Without a license potential users may not be able to use the data or may accidentally violate the licenses terms.

We are researching support for custom licenses. For now we recommend adding text to the layer description and layer notes to explain custom licensing. If you have concerns regarding license please contact us at

Layer Notes

The layer notes can be changed directly through the layer page. You must be logged in and have permissions to modify the layer.

  • Go to the page for the layer by clicking on the card for the layer (in Explore, Search, or Layers pages) or by clicking on the layer link in a map legend.

  • Click on the Notes tab

  • Click the edit button (pencil icon) in the bottom right of the notes panel.

The notes panel is a freeform rich text editor. After typing text, highlight it with the mouse cursor to see formatting options. You can create section headings, add lists, bold or italicize the font, and insert links to other pages.

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