MapHubs Groups

What is a Group?

Groups in MapHubs help you organize layers, maps, and hubs based on teams or project. How you organize your content is completely up to you, you can create as few or as many groups as you want.

A group has members that can collaboratively edit the content of the group. Group administrators can add/remove members of the groups and edit group attributes like the name, description, and image/logo.

Groups do not limit who can view the content in the group, only who can edit that content. MapHubs can be configured as a private invite-only site if you need to restrict who can view content. Contact us for more information

Create a Group

To create a group

  1. Click Explore then Groups from the top of the page, or click on your user name in the top right of the page and then click My Groups

  2. Click the new group button in the bottom right of the page

Choose a Group ID

The group id is a unique name used to identify your group, think of it like a user name for your group. It is used to identify content from the group in MapHubs.

It is not possible to change the group ID, however you can make as many groups as you want with different IDs

Enter a Group Name

Enter a short descriptive name for the group

Enter a Description

Enter a description for the group, this will display on the group profile page.

Enter a Location

Enter the location of the group data, this will display on the group profile page and helps users understand where in the world the group's content is focused.

Uploading a photo is optional but recommended. The logo is converted to an icon that displays on group content to help you stay organized.

Managing Groups

To manage a group click the menu in the bottom right of the Group page, then choose the Manage option. You must be a group administrator to manage a group.

Adding Group Members

To add a member they must first be a member of the site, and you will need to know their user name

Beginning typing their user name, and choose it from the list of options. Optionally click the toggle to make them an administrator.

The user will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to the group.

Removing Group Members

Click the remove icon next to the user's name to remove them from the group. They will no longer have permission to edit content in group, including content they created.

Deleting the Group

From the menu in the bottom right of the page, choose the Delete option

To delete a group you must first delete all of its content. Deleting a group cannot be undone.

Site administrators can reassign layers to a different group via the Admin tab on the management page for a layer

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