Creating Data

Create new data in MapHubs by drawing on top of the map

First we need to create a new layer, this is similar to uploading data, however we will choose to create an empty layer instead. In this example we will choose to make a point layer

Give your layer a name and choose a default style and preview map location, and save your layer.

Next Make a Map and add the layer to the map

Click the edit icon next to the layer's name

The drawing tools will now appear on the right side of the map. To draw a new point click the point icon, then click on a location on the map.

Edit the attributes for the new point

The fields for the layer can be customized in the layer settings, by default Name, Description, and Source are provided, however you can create for more detailed survey form if needed. In addition to text boxes, these can include dropdown/multiple-choice and check boxes

Click the save button to save your edits

Exit the editing interface when you are finished adding data

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