Sharing Maps

If your MapHubs site is public facing (no login required) then you can simply share the link to the map in the address bar of your browser.

On a private MapHubs portal you can create a share link to a map. Anyone with the link will be able to view the interactive map.

Start by going to the map. From the menu choose the share option

Click the toggle button to enable sharing

Agree to share the map

Now you can copy the link to share

Use caution when sharing sensitive data. Sharing a map public exposes all the data in the map including data attributes via map popups etc. to anyone with the link.

Facebook or Twitter

Public sites only, to share from a private site create a share link

Facebook and Twitter share icons are provided in the bottom left corner of the map. Click the icon to open the share interface.

Save an Image

You can also save an image of a map or take a screenshot

Embedding Maps on your Website or Blog

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