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Forest Report

MapHubs Forest Monitoring Analytics
The Forest Report feature is an add-on feature that must be enabled on your MapHubs portal, please contact [email protected] for more info
To access Forest Report, first click on a feature in a MapHubs map, then click Open Feature Page
On the feature page, click the Forest Report tab
If you do not see the tab, check that you are logged in, and that your MapHubs portal has Forest Report enabled, or contact us at [email protected]
The report shows datasets include tree cover, tree cover loss, daily GLAD forest alerts, and Intact Forest Landscapes.
Scroll down on the left to view additional data
Click the toggles to turn layers on/off in the map
In the Forest Alert section clicking a day in the calendar site will filter the display to that detection date and update the map
Download the GeoJSON file for the alerts, and then upload it to a MapHubs Group to include it in a custom map
Select additional base map options including satellite imagery from the map tools menu