Signup for a MapHubs Account

All MapHubs websites now use a centralized login called MapHubs Login. You only need to register once, then you can use your login on any MapHubs site including public sites like Map for Environment

Most MapHubs websites require an invitation from the site owner and do not have a public signup option. If you need access to a MapHubs site for your organization/project, please contact the site owner or send us a message at

Registering with an invite link

Click the invite link you received in your email. If you already have a MapHubs Login account linked to this email address, the site will ask you to sign in, otherwise it will ask you to register a new account.

If you choose to use Facebook or Google to register, the email address on the account must match the one that received the invite link. Otherwise you will need to ask the site owner to invite the email address linked to your Google/Facebook account.

Registering on a public site

Step 1: Go to the registration page (public sites only)

In this example we are showing Map for Environment.

Go to:

Click the "Sign Up" tab if it is not already active

Step 2: Complete the sign up form

Register using Google or Facebook

You have the option of signing up with your Google Account or Facebook. We only request access to your name, email, and profile photo. If you choose this option you don't need to remember another password, and we will automatically use your profile photo inside MapHubs.

To sign up with Google or Facebook simply click the button. You will then be asked to login to your account (if needed) Then you will be asked to grant MapHubs access to your name, email, and profile photo.

Register using an email address

Complete the registration form providing a username, email address and password.

Step 3: Confirm Your Email

(Only if you registered using your email)

Look for an email from and click the confirmation link in the email. If you don't see the email immediately, please wait a few minutes for it to arrive.

After confirming your email, you should see a confirmation message.

Now you can go back to the MapHubs site and login.

Step 4: (Optional) Change your Profile Photo

If you registered using your email your MapHubs profile photos uses Gravatar. Follow the instructions at to create an Account and add your profile picture. If you have setup your Gravatar photo in the past it will automatically used by MapHubs.

If you use Facebook or Google, we use the profile photo from your account.

We plan to add more user profile support in the future, please check back for updates.