Raster Tile Layers

How to create a MapHubs layer using a raster tile service

A raster tile service is a web service that points to image tiles used in web maps, normally 256x256 pixel PNG or JPEG images stored in a Z/X/Y format. For example: https://storage.googleapis.com/moabi-raster-tiles/LC81290522017025LGN00/{z}/{x}/{y}.png is the link to a tiles for a Landsat 8 scene used in this layer in Map for Environment https://mapforenvironment.org/layer/info/640/#10.22/11.853/99.5299

Before you start you must have a MapHubs account, and have a group where you want to create the new layer

Create a Layer

Create a new layer by going to the Explore -> Layers page and clicking the + button in the bottom right. Alternative you can click the Add a Layer button from the page of a group, and some MapHubs portals will have a Create a Layer shortcut on the landing page.

Choose the Raster Tiles option

Enter the tile URL for the raster tile service, pay special attention to the template portion of the URL which must have the /{z}/{x}/{y} coordinates.

If you know the min and max zoom levels you can optionally configure them here. Setting the max zoom level (if known) will prevent a raster layer from disappearing in the map when you zoom in past its maximum

Next give the layer a name, description, source, and license. Choose the group where you want to save the layer.

Finally zoom the preview map to the location of the raster data and optionally choose an opacity value for the layer if you want it to be transparent

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